Los Nr. 2007

1907/1955, PIONEERS IN ANTARCTICA, New Zealand, 1 d rose-carmine cancelled by green cds BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPD. NZ, FE 27 08, on official cover of Shakleton's ”Nimrod” Expedition (1907/09), together with 1 d ovp ”King Edward VII Land” and 2 x 1 d ovp ”VICTORIA LAND”, each tied by cds BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPD. NZ and different dates 4 MR 09, 9 FE 11 a. 31 JA 12 marking the timeline of following expeditions by Shackleton and Scott (1910/12). In addition Australia 3 1/2d stamp cancelled by cds MAWSON, 16 FE 55, the first australian permanent base in Antarctica. Cover from ex Burrus Collection, expertized Mohrmann. (M)


Michel Nr.

New Zealand SG 352, A1, A3 (2)


850 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.