Los Nr. 6906

1852-1980, Stock of classic issues Italy States to modern issues with scarce varieties, mint and used, including Tuscany, Sicily and Modena, large blocks of Napoli proofs, Bolaffi N.1628B strip of three, 1954B, 1626B, 1621B, 1617B, 1547B, 1542B, 1539B, Sass.
17, T16, 39, CEI
1952B, P22 & P23 each block of 15, P24, P25, P27, PR22, Papal state proofs
RS28-33, please inspect carefully, a fine group with high retail value. Catalogue value over 300.000,- Euro (S)



5.000 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Regelbesteuerung mit 19% Mwst.