Los Nr. 217

1860, 5 C red, horizontal pair, right stamp touched, else close to mostly full margins, tied by target handstamps in black, along with red cds SANTIAGO/CHILE, 17 OBRE 60, multiple franking used to pay the double domestic rate on folded letter sheet endorsed ”via Panama & Inglaterra” and addressed to Hanau in Germany. On reverse red transit double circle dater SEEBRIEF PER ENGLAND UND AACHEN, 2.12, together with arrival mark HANAU, 3.12. On the frontside manuscript taxations ”2/4” (2 sh 4 d) in London, converted to ”27” Kreuzer and 6 Kreuzer domestic fee added for a total rate of ”33” Kreuzer. Very rare partial franking used to a destination abroad. Detailed certificate Maier (2016)


Michel Nr.

1 II f (2)


1.100 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.