Los Nr. 527

1921 (5. August), Russia Postcard with 20K franking from TANGAROG (in 1921 part of the Ukraine / Soviet Union) addressed to GENOVA, ITALY and sent via the help of the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS, NARWA, ESTONIA with ”NARWA 8.9.1921” transit cds, from there the postcard was SENT VIA THE NARVA RED CROSS DIPLOMATIC MAIL POUCH TO BERLIN where it was franked with Deutsches Reich 80Pfg Germania cancelled by cds ”BERLIN 15.9.21” and further on to its final destination GENOVA, ITALIA. Narwa, Estonia was a main repatriation route for WW I P.O.W's from the former Central Powers being held in the Russian Empire. The sender expresses his serious concerns for not having received any letter from his father in Italy in over a year and asks for reply to be sent via the Red Cross in Narwa. AN EXTREMELY RARE RUSSIA - GERMANY MIXED FRANKING WHICH TRAVELLED THROUGH THE ESTONIAN RED CROSS COURIER POST. A MAJOR RARITY OF ESTONIAN POSTAL HISTORY!



1.200 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.