Los Nr. 923

1907, registered ”Round the world” cover sent from Austria with a unique combination of exotic countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, British Borneo, Tonga, Tahiti, Thailand, Persia, Turkey, Indochina, India, Ceylon, Queensland and finally Romania which is very rare on ”round the world” covers. A variety of Registered forwarding labels sent to the different consulates of the Austrian Hungarian empire around the world amongst others in Constanza, Sinope, Teheran, Bombay, Bangkok, etc. A large number of date stamps and postmarks. The letter travelled around the world for a total of 515 days! The contents of the envelope show a list of the places where and when the letter arrived and when forwarded. PROBABLY THE MOST SPECTACULAR ROUND THE WORLD COVER SHOWING ROMANIAN STAMPS!



3.500 EUR

3.500 EUR

Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.