Los Nr. 13

1864: France 1862 Napoléon III Empire dentelé issue, 10c(x7), 20c(x15) including strip of nine and 40c(x15) including a strip of six and nine (a number showing faults which are quite usual of such a high multiple rate) all tied by clear ”5104” numeral of SHANGHAI, CHINA. Extraordinary 9Fr70c franking sent to BOSTON, USA with manuscript ”Via Marseille / par Mess. Imp. Packet”, French transit ”Marseille à Lyon / 5 Juil / 1864” and red boxed PD. On arrival it received entry marking ”BOSTON BR. PKT / JULY 21 / PAID” and red framed transatlantic handstamp ”Br. Service” (British packet). The envelope is opened at the sides for presentation. The writer had enclosed various letters, as a manuscript note on the inside reads ”please see to the enclosed letters ...”. THIS REMARKABLE 9FR70c TRANSATLANTIC MAIL RATE TO THE USA, SHOWING THIRTY SEVEN STAMPS REPRESENTS NOT ONLY THE HIGHEST PRE-UPU FRANKINGS FROM SHANGHAI TO THE USA BUT ALSO THE LARGEST FRANKING OF THE FRENCH POST IN SHANGHAI BY ITS NUMBER OF STAMPS. A MAJOR EXHIBITION PIECE.


Michel Nr.

Maury 21(7), 22 (15), 23 (15)


17.000 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.