Los Nr. 299

1869 cover franked with three singles 1867 Washington 3c. red, F-Grill, and two singles 1869 Pictorial Issue 2c. brown,(slightly short perforations otherwise fine) tied by cork cancel with matching cds "DUBUQUE SEP 13" (Iowa) alongside, to Oldenburg, Germany. Red "NEW YORK PAID ALL" and red four line transit postmark "VERVIERS 30/9 COELN FRANCO" on front. The franking paid the obsolete NGU (North German union) 13c rate that had been reduced to 10c in 1868. Reverse manuscript signature J.M Bartels (1872 - 1944), famous American stamp dealer, auctioneer and expert . A RARE TRANSATLANTIC MIXED FRANKING FROM IOWA


Michel Nr.

Scott 94(3), 113(2)


700 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.