Los Nr. 1445

1858 Entire letter from Harlingen to Norway via Hamburg, Germany franked with 1852 King Willem III. 5c. blue strip of four and pair from Plate JJ, sheet Pos. 27-30 and 33-34, all tied by ”HARLINGEN/12/10” cds, endorsed 'franco Hamburg' crossed out and with ”ontoereikend” (insufficient) in m/s alongside, various charge/tax marks, and on the reverse with respective transit datestamps as well as Norwegian ship landing cds ”Moss” (south of Oslo). The fresh stamps with complete to wide margins, Pos. 33 with a vertical crease otherwise fine, the letter showing a weak vertical center fold as usual and minor imperfections due to usage and shipping. An attractive and scarce insufficiently franked letter to Norway. NVPH certificate (2015)


Michel Nr.

1 (6)


2.300 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.