Los Nr. 166

1895/96: 5 P. bluish green and 10 P. dull blue, each second printing horizontal pair, 5 P. cancelled Wonsan '3.2.1.' (February 1, 1899), on envelope with endorsed 'overland', addressed to James Frederick Oiesen in Seoul with arrival '2.7' (February 7). On reverse brown ”T” applied and the 10 P. pair cancelled by two strikes of boxed 'Pu Jo, ”insufficient”'. The envelope was franked by sender as inland letter basic rate = 10 P. (per 7.5g for the 1895/1900 rate period), but treated underpaid and postage due assessed. Missing amounts were charged double, hence 10 P. were considered missing. Detailed certificate Florian Eichhorn BPP (2017).


Michel Nr.

3 A (2), 4 A (2)


5.000 EUR


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