Los Nr. 2144

1929, World Trip, Round Trip card (Zeppelin ppc) with 3country franking USA/Germany/Japan. This card was transported on following stages: USA-Germany (Sieger 28 A), Friedrichshafen-Tokio (Sieger 30 Aa) and Tokio-Los Angeles (Sieger 30 f). At every stage it was newly franked and obliterated, insufficiently paid for each stage, but obviously transported privately (the card shows the handwriting and the address of the Chief Steward Heinrich Kubis). A card of this combination is not listed in Sieger, the stages ”Los Angeles-Lakehurst” and ”Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen” are missing, most likely referring to Sieger 30 R which is priced 6.500,- €. Comprehensive opinion Dr.Simon. VERY RARE AND UNUSUAL ITEM - MOST PROBABLY UNIQUE!


Michel Nr.

refers to Si. 30 R


2.000 EUR


Dieses Los unterliegt der Differenzbesteuerung nach §25a UStG.